A new, personalized channel to reach fashion shoppers

See what we can do for your brand!


With MODANDA, you can...

- boost your online sales

- strengthen your brand experience

- get new customers

- communicate on a new channel

- personalize your marketing

- receive valuable analytics

MODANDA boosts online sales while respecting your brand image

Unlike marketplaces, MODANDA encourages users to add items to their wishlist directly from fashion brands' online and physical stores. 


In other words, MODANDA is a tool that facilitates both showrooming and webrooming.

Reach shoppers on an effective digital communication channel

MODANDA is an all-in-one fashion shopping app, so you can tailor your marketing messages to specific users based on their taste, budget and shopping behavior.


MODANDA lets users discover new brands and follow their favorites, receiving notifications of brands' new collections, loyalty programs, stock and price changes, among others.

Learn more about customers than ever before

As a multi-brand application, MODANDA can provide valuable data and customer analytics about cross-brand preferences, price sensitivity and many other variables.

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